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HR TEchnology and Solutions


Social Media Technology that Engages the Workforce

We offer an online social media platform that allows your organisation to engage and excite its people through innovative use of social media to connect workforce with the organisation, recognise peer accomplishments, celebrate success stories, and promote collaboration and sharing of ideas. To generate interest and sustain high engagement level, our platform allows managers and staff to reward each other with awards and badges that could be redeemed from a wide range of online mechandise. 



Enterprise Leadership Platform that gives CEOs and Leaders a Better Way to Run Their Organisations

The best-run companies on earth have a few things in common.  They have strong leaders, empowered people and a clear sense of purpose.  Our online Enterprise Leadership Platform is a holistic tool for building these elements into your organisation.   With our innovative solution, your team is cohesive, galvanised, and focused on a shared vision of the future - a recipe for predictable execution.  It ensures clear alignment of objective throughout the company, promotes company wide forecasting, summarises weekly company performance, encourages real-time problem solving and allows rapid and regular performance feedback. 

03. Tailor-Made Solutions that Meet Your Needs

Every organisation is unique and has its own specific values, cultures and requirements.  We provide cost-effective tools and solutions that could be customised to address your unique requirements.  Our offering includes fully customisable 360°Survey Feedback Tool that focuses on your organisation's leadership values and competencies.  We also have assessment solutions, which includes a wide range of online personality questionnaires and cognitive tests, that provides evaluation reports that are customised to the specific hiring needs and job competencies.  With over 25 years of experience, our HR consultants strive to harness enabling technologies that will enhance best HR practices.